Full Print Embroidery Scissors Half Gold Plated

Manicure Scissors - Finest Quality Embroidery Scissors

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Product Name: Stork Scissors / Fancy Scissors / Antique Scissors

Detail: Sharp, pointed Scissors with a straight blade that cuts right to the tip. Also useful for cutting linen, silk wrap or fiberglass.

Features: Made of hot forged stainless steel for lifetime cutting edge. Straight pointed blades for precision cutting of nail silk or linen wrap. Large finger holes for extra control.

How to Use: Cut silk or linen nail wrap; then apply to nail. Use Scissors for final trim of wrap.

Care: Maintenance free. If the Scissors ever stick, put a drop of oil in the joint and work back and forth to loosen.

Caution: Scissors are very sharp. Keep out of reach of young children.

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